Small Office Home Office Router Security

Small Office Home Office Router Security


This article provides introduction and overview of the Small Office Home Office Router Security paper  as published by the US Computer Emergency Readiness Team (US-CERT).  The goal of this article is to establish for the reader awareness of the publication and its contents as a significant source of information on enterprise service management.

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US-CERT 2011. Small Office/Home Office Router Security. US Department of Homeland Security - US CERT.  Washington DC. USA. Retrieved: May 17, 2018 from


Installation and configuration of small to office and home networks has evolved to a predominantly DIY solution. Manufactures have created modems and routers that simplify the set up process to where many devices are now plug and play.  However, this ease of installation has created opportunities for vulnerable networks due to lack of understanding on how to secure these networks.

Unfortunately, the default configuration of most home routers offer little security and leave home networks vulnerable to attack. Small businesses and organizations that lack the funding for an
information technology (IT) infrastructure and support staff often use these same home routers to connect to the internet. These organizations frequently also set up the routers without
implementing security precautions and therefore are exposing their organization to attack.

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