About Us


Our Passion

We have a passion for helping organizations achieve their goals. Delivering solutions internally to your organization or externally to your customers requires an integrated set of people, processes, tools and leadership capabilities. Our goal is to develop your project teams and outfit them with the capabilities they need to succeed.  
Your organization's ability to directly support growth by increasing project success rates is our measure of success.
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Our Experiences

As leaders in our professions we too have struggled with identifying workforce development programs that result in applied skills. There are a multitude of classes and textbooks available on the subjects of project management and systems engineering.  Many of these sources are either too costly or too high level to be effectively applied across an organization. In some cases these programs were both.
We repeatedly found ourselves asking: How do we invest in our workforce that results in measurable return on our investment?
 There had to be a better way.
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Our Solution

The Capability Assurance Institute is not a high volume certificate mill.  We provide an integrated set of  tools and services aimed at a single target: Improving your organization's capability to execute and deliver.
We did not reinvent project management nor did we design a custom systems engineering approach.  In fact all of the processes and techniques taught in our classes and referenced in our Body of Knowledge  are based on predominant industry standards and guides.
Our experience has shown that the knowledge gained in the classroom must be developed into skills through application and practice. This is where our Consulting and Mentoring programs come into play.
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Our Distinction

Many of the classes available today provide bullet lists of "what" the project team should do, but very few actually demonstrate "how" to do the work. Academic theory without application does little to affect one's ability to execute and deliver.
Our curriculum  reflects decades of experiences gained through real world projects and programs. These experiences are built into curriculum  that provides practical  demonstrations of systems engineering processes and their outcomes.
Hands on exercises provide the student with the opportunity to apply their knowledge in the classroom;  preparing them to directly affect project success when returning from a class.
Our competency development models provide organizations with the objective criteria required to measure ROI by tracking the competency development of  each team member.