The Chief Information Officer (CIO)

The Chief Information Officer (CIO) is the executive dedicated to ensuring that the organization’s information related investments, policies, people and operations  enable the organization’s goals.

System of Systems Engineering and Integration

This article provides introduction and overview of several publications from the academic and professional community that provide details on the governance and life cycle models required for effective SoS management.

DoD Systems Engineering Guide for System of Systems

This document provides a clear set of definitions for the types of SoS that may exist within an enterprise; the unique characteristics associated with each SoS type; and some insight into how to use systems engineering activities within the DAG for a system of systems.

The Information Technology Enterprise

An enterprise is any organization with a common purpose or mission that shares resources and collaborates to deliver results required to achieve the common purpose or mission


Landing page within the BOK that provides a list of citations

Technology in National Defense

Technology wins wars. Throughout history, the use of technological advances had a significant influence on the outcomes of military conflicts.